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Volunteer Skillsbank is a free matching service for volunteers and not-for-profit organisations. Our mission is to find the best volunteer roles for volunteers and the best volunteers for not-for-profit organisations. We service the Hume Region so let us help you find volunteers or a satisfying volunteer role, all you have to do is register with Volunteer Skillsbank.

Wangaratta Festival

of Jazz and Blues

October 28th-30th, 2016

It's Jazz time, get involved and have a great weekend and if you are volunteering i hope you enjoy your experience and know that your efforts are very much appreciated by all involved in the festival. For more information about the festival just click on this link



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Volunteer Skillsbank,
many volunteers of all ages with an amazing range of skills and experience.
If you're having difficulty attracting volunteers and need some help, contact

Volunteer Skillsbank.

Wangaratta 5721 0258

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email csb@thecentre.vic.edu.au

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